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London International Technology Show

Posted by Richard on Sat 22 October 2011

To be fair if you want to see the latest technology you would be better of going to your local PC World. Lot of overcooking sorry clocking PC’s on show. Lots of people sitting around playing games would have liked to have seen a few more tablets maybe some mobile phones and some 3D devices

On a plus note the Igizmo top ten products of the year were interesting just a shame that some of them weren’t on show

Some pictures

DSCF4459 DSCF4465
I assume that’s liquid nitrogen More liquid cooling
DSCF4467 DSCF4463
Demo by Scan More overclocking
DSCF4450 DSCF4453
3D Car simulator looked interesting £10,000 workstation not sure what the boss would say to that !!!
DSCF4464 DSCF4456
Old school gaming Not sure what technology this is

3D photo album here



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Got the Buzz

Posted by Richard on Mon 15 February 2010

Being a bit of a gadget freak I’ve now got a g**gle buzz  if you have a a gmail account and want to follow me it’s here

The Halfday Buzz

You will get notified when I’ve upload a new album so if I forget ( or can’t be bothered ) to create a blog you won’t miss it :0

PS you need a gmail account to be a follower

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Website update

Posted by Richard on Thu 28 May 2009

I’ve spilt my website

this one Images by RichardH is safe for any age group.

this one Halfday after dark isn’t and definitely not safe for viewing at work unless you have a very understanding boss.

They both need some content adding which I will be doing over the next couple of weeks.

Please let me know if you find any broken links or any other problems



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New Years Day Laugh

Posted by Richard on Thu 01 January 2009

The battery on my mobile was flat so I stuck it on charge. I knew some nutter would send me a message.

So I had to laugh when this came thru on the stroke of midnight

I couldn’t stop laughing. Simple things please simple minds

What was the message





 Your new ebill is now ready to view. For the full bill go to My3 online or on your mobile. For a summary click on http://mobile.three.co.uk

Computers got to love em

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Error message in Picasa Web albums

Posted by Richard on Wed 22 October 2008

If you click on some of the links to some of the pictures you may see this error message.

This content has been removed because it violates our Terms of Service.
Click here to continue.

I have tried emailing picasa support and posting messages on the Picasa help google group but after a month of waiting I’m still getting the error and no reply to any messages. Looking at the help group it would appear Picasa support no longer exists 

I have created an alternative location but I don’t want to have to edit all my old posts but if there is an album you really want to look at put a comment in the page and I’ll upload and re-link it.

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Google Chrome

Posted by Richard on Wed 10 September 2008

For a laugh I tried Google chrome last night.

The install is pretty painless only picked up my IE shortcuts (I’m using Avant browser) so had to add in my bookmarks.

What’s good

Faster then IE 
Clean interface
New tab shows most visited so quick to start up your daily websites

What’s not so good

Designed for right handed people all the controls are on the wrong side of the screen
Doesn’t work with my website although works better then firefox or netscape
No Google toolbar !!!! so no splel chcekiung (Sorry)
No  Zoom controls
No import/export bookmarks from file

What’s Bad

Doesn’t work with any of the portals at work (not sure that is a bad thing) presents itself as APPLEMAC-SAFARI5.0 doh!
Crashed on my igoogle page
I assume it has pop up stopper and phishing filters but can’t see where they are configured

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Hello world!

Posted by Richard on Fri 08 August 2008

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

I’ve been using Microsoft Lives spaces for my blog since it came out 4 years ago unfortunately they seem to have decided to dumb down the service and censor any posting not suitable for a 13 year. The hypocrisy of running a service funded by adverts that are targeted at the 18+ age group seems to have escaped them.  I just hope none of their 13 year old users gets caught on a gambling website (illegal here in the UK).

Anyway I’m still hoping they will put it back online long enough for me to copy the content otherwise I’ll have to cut and paste it out of Facebook who also seemed to have stored the text if not the pictures



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Space offline

Posted by Richard on Thu 10 July 2008

My "spaces" has been offline for a couple of days ( did anyone notice ? ) I was getting the a temporary unavailable message which I assumed was the standard Microsoft reliability issue but after a couple of days and seeing that other people’s spaces seemed to work I checked my email. There’s a message from customer support "We have found images involving partial nudity on your Space" "please visit our Code of Conduct "   So I had a look, the COC seemed to have changed since the last time a looked and WTF is "partial nudity" since I don;t have any pictures of astronauts or deep sea divers I guess that’s almost every picture I’ve posted.   Fortunately after emailing them asking to enable my space so I could delete the pictures they sent me a link to the offensive pic’s both of which were of the wet T-shirt variety I could give you a link but that would also break the COC so you will just have to google for them.  


Good to be back  



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Google Time-Warp

Posted by Richard on Mon 17 September 2007

I’ve always been disappointed when checking Google satellite pictures of Stevenage as they would only go so far and then you would get a message saying no images are available. Well today being stuck home with “man flu” I checked and finally there are pictures. Only problem they are ancient given I changed my car in Dec ’99 they have got to be before that. Apart from my bright red car what else is missing. Well Asda, Tescos’ petrol station is back in the more sensible place, the Tip is back and if you want to show where the Arts centre is don’t bother as it was only a gleam in the architects eye when this satellite flew over
Roariing Meg as it was and as it now is on Google Maps

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