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Focus on Imaging

Posted by Richard on Fri 30 January 2009

My Ticket arrived today can’t decide which day to go anyone else going ?


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F-Stops Ghost Walk

Posted by Richard on Mon 26 January 2009

No ghosts yet the F-Stops crew waiting for the off


River of Blood ?

 DSCF6090 DSCF6096

Ye Olde Tower Bridge


John’s suggestion                  The only way is up

DSCF6108 DSCF6109

Ghostly London Bus                     The Lloyds Building


Lloyds building with advice for the workers 

 DSCF6124 DSCF6125

Did I mention it was raining and yes this picture is upside down but I like it that way !


Ghostly aura or water on the lens 🙂

DSCF6129 DSCF6136

The pavement outside Guild Hall. Streets of London really are paved with Gold


More here

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My new signature image

Posted by Richard on Tue 06 January 2009


As luck would have it all my photos are of supermodels 🙂

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New Years Day Parade London

Posted by Richard on Thu 01 January 2009

Some pictures from yesterday’s parade in London

Click on a picture for more

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New Years Day Laugh

Posted by Richard on Thu 01 January 2009

The battery on my mobile was flat so I stuck it on charge. I knew some nutter would send me a message.

So I had to laugh when this came thru on the stroke of midnight

I couldn’t stop laughing. Simple things please simple minds

What was the message





 Your new ebill is now ready to view. For the full bill go to My3 online or on your mobile. For a summary click on http://mobile.three.co.uk

Computers got to love em

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