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Posted by Richard on Wed 13 December 2006

Digital Depot Warehouse Club got off to a great start on Wednesday. I spent all day there with a break to get my haircut 🙂

The day started with a question & answer session with David Bailey seems like a nice bloke and still taking photo’s

DSCF0573 DSCF0584

It was one of David’s photo’s that got me interested in photography. When I first started work I used to travel up to Stevenage every week. Every Friday I would be wanting for a train to take me home. One evening there was this amazing sunset the whole sky was on fire. I actually said out loud "I’ve wish I had a camera". About 2 months later Olympus ran an advert featuring a photographic competition the winning photo was Sunset over Stevenage Station by David Bailey he must have be standing a couple of feet from I was standing. I went out and bought my first "proper" camera haven’t looked back since

After a haircut and lunch I went back to DD where they had Derek Forss (Website here ) giving a talk on landscape photography. I always thought landscape meant getting up early and dragging a tripod for miles but Derek doesn’t use a tripod and it would seem waiting for the best light is more important then just getting up early 🙂

After Derek we got a chance to take pictures of Kelly who drove down from Birmingham she was nice and I think I got some good pictures but I do wonder if they might have been better off getting someone more local


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Free time

Posted by Richard on Tue 12 December 2006

I’ve had some time yesterday to update my website. I uploaded some pictures from a shoot in November !!! . I’ve also moved some stuff around to make space for some more updates later in the week


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