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Photo Shoot with Nikki Lee & Fifi Ruso

Posted by Richard on Sun 21 September 2008

I did a shoot with Nikki and Fifi yesterday The other model is Tina

And here’s some arty one’s


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Bedfordshire Steam & Country Fayre

Posted by Richard on Sun 14 September 2008

Some pictures from the weekend


Click on a picture for more

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Car vs Concrete wall nobody wins

Posted by Richard on Sun 14 September 2008

It was a nice day so I went up to London to visit the folks and drop of the mouse I promised Dad.

On the way I passed this accident can’t work out what happen looks like he just didn’t see the roundabout.

Lucky for me I was on the bike so didn’t get held up to much

On the way back I was driving up to the A1 when I had to stop for a woman doing a 3 point turn in the middle of the road. She was holding something in here right hand couldn’t work out what it was. I tried to get passed her but she was wandering all over the road so I couldn’t pass her safely.
When we got to the A1 I had to see what it was.  An ice cream on a stick.

You have wonder what goes through some people’s minds just hope her phone didn’t ring while she was eating !!!

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Google Chrome

Posted by Richard on Wed 10 September 2008

For a laugh I tried Google chrome last night.

The install is pretty painless only picked up my IE shortcuts (I’m using Avant browser) so had to add in my bookmarks.

What’s good

Faster then IE 
Clean interface
New tab shows most visited so quick to start up your daily websites

What’s not so good

Designed for right handed people all the controls are on the wrong side of the screen
Doesn’t work with my website although works better then firefox or netscape
No Google toolbar !!!! so no splel chcekiung (Sorry)
No  Zoom controls
No import/export bookmarks from file

What’s Bad

Doesn’t work with any of the portals at work (not sure that is a bad thing) presents itself as APPLEMAC-SAFARI5.0 doh!
Crashed on my igoogle page
I assume it has pop up stopper and phishing filters but can’t see where they are configured

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Trax 08

Posted by Richard on Sun 07 September 2008

Weather was even worse then last year for the last show of the year but I got some good pictures once it stopped raining.

Lots of pictures of Tillie as the rest of the pack disappeared when she went to look for a spanner !!!

Click on a picture for more

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