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Do they mean ME ?

Posted by Richard on Thu 31 July 2008

WTD very topical this week. If you are worried about photographers rights you can sign up to a petition here





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Barn Shoot

Posted by Richard on Sun 27 July 2008

I did a shoot today with Katie Green and Fiona York. Katie just got a job as the new “face” of WonderBra watch out for a 60 foot poster on a billboard near you soon.

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Ignition Charity Show

Posted by Richard on Wed 23 July 2008

I went up to the Ignition Charity Show at MFN on Sunday. You can check out what happened on the Sexpesting forum


Click on the links below for more pictures

Ignition Charity Event Kitty

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Eric Clapton Concert

Posted by Richard on Sat 19 July 2008

I went to see Eric Clapton at Hype Park a couple of weeks ago SLR’s were not allowed so these pic’s were taken with a Fujifilm F30 with the digital zoom switched on This camera surprises me every time I use must use it more often

First the entertainment this is Michelle and her mate

100_1368  100_1369

Their antics were attracting all the weirdo’s (hrmm guess that includes me) the guy on the left of the 2nd picture is Matt he was so drunk we couldn’t work out what was keeping him up right. His mate Mr Gropey was an even bigger pain ‘cos he wasn’t so drunk. Anyway after the guys behind gave them a bit of a talking to they buggered off and we could enjoy the music

This is what I could see of Sheryl Crow and here she is on the big screen

100_1322 100_1305

This is Eric thru a gap in the crowd


And on the big screen

100_1379 100_1333

All in all a good day out and it was completed by seeing Matt & Mr Gropey asking the driver of a bus for Heathrow Airport if he was going to North London 🙂

More pictures here

Eric Clapton Concert

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Rhythms of the World 2008

Posted by Richard on Sun 13 July 2008

Pictures from ROTW 2008


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Space offline

Posted by Richard on Thu 10 July 2008

My "spaces" has been offline for a couple of days ( did anyone notice ? ) I was getting the a temporary unavailable message which I assumed was the standard Microsoft reliability issue but after a couple of days and seeing that other people’s spaces seemed to work I checked my email. There’s a message from customer support "We have found images involving partial nudity on your Space" "please visit our Code of Conduct "   So I had a look, the COC seemed to have changed since the last time a looked and WTF is "partial nudity" since I don;t have any pictures of astronauts or deep sea divers I guess that’s almost every picture I’ve posted.   Fortunately after emailing them asking to enable my space so I could delete the pictures they sent me a link to the offensive pic’s both of which were of the wet T-shirt variety I could give you a link but that would also break the COC so you will just have to google for them.  


Good to be back  



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Some pictures form the SPS still life evening

Posted by Richard on Sun 06 July 2008



All pictures Fujifilm F30

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