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Ace Cafe Motorcycle & Custom Show

Posted by Richard on Fri 26 February 2010

I was busy this weekend so I went to the show on the Friday and wasn’t completely dead but very quiet.
So I spent most of the time chatting with Candice who has been in the gym and looks super fit.

There were some bikes the as well can’t image most of them on the road but they look pretty

This is interesting an electric race bike

Not sure why I like this one but I actually waited for the man on the left to come into shot

Some crazy shunt riders

Then there was the Burlesque Babes

All in all a good day out and I got a Hi-Viz vest from the DVLA which might just save me from the blind fools in tesco’s carpark

More Here

Ace Cafe Motorcycle & Custom Show

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Studio 3 February Shoot

Posted by Richard on Thu 18 February 2010

I thought we would have another snow shoot but it turn to heavy rain which made the trip down to Potters Bar a little slower then normal still it was worth it lots of new ideas a Jocelyne  was excellent as usual

2 side lights with grids and a red gel in front of a spot light for the backdrop

One light with a grid hanging from the ceiling and main light from the side with a beauty dish.

Same set but using electric bar heater for light. We know how to look after our models 🙂

Two lights from the front and one overhead

Thanks for Rod & Jason for the lighting and set building and Jocelyne for producing 3 very different looks in one night

Few more here

Studio3 Shoot

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Got the Buzz

Posted by Richard on Mon 15 February 2010

Being a bit of a gadget freak I’ve now got a g**gle buzz  if you have a a gmail account and want to follow me it’s here

The Halfday Buzz

You will get notified when I’ve upload a new album so if I forget ( or can’t be bothered ) to create a blog you won’t miss it :0

PS you need a gmail account to be a follower

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