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Rushden PowerFest

Posted by Richard on Sat 22 May 2010

I read about this on a forum apparently Santa Pod raceway put this on as a “thank you” to the locals. I would have thought given the amount of nutcase drivers the track attracts during the summer the last thing the locals would want would be people doing burn outs on their high street. How wrong could I be there was huge turn out (given the size of the place) and everyone around me at least knew the drivers by first name.

Huge Turnout  
Bikes Trikes
Trucks and of course cars

A couple of interesting fails

Car full of smoke Monster truck
“Glass” photographer 🙂  

After the parade I went for a walk up the high street and took so pictures of the car park

What happens when you fire up a dragster in the high street

Favourite shot of the day

More pictures here


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A Blue day

Posted by Richard on Thu 20 May 2010

As a change is as good as a rest I decided to go the other way to work this morning. Rather then the boring dual carriageways I went round the town.

First roundabout I got to some dozy woman driving a BLUE magane on autopilot failed to stop. She gave me that condescending wave with a smile you get from idiot drivers sort of yeah I know should of stopped but I didn’t but hey you did so it’s okay. Do you think I’m dressed like a christmas tree for the sake of my health (pun intended)

I drove of fuming with that wartime saying ringing in me head Keep Calm & Carry On.

So when I got to the roundabout on the dual carriageway I was almost chilled out. Then some a**ehole in a BLUE transit decided he’s bigger then I am and doesn’t need to stop. This time I had to lean it over and grab the throttle to get round him.

2 near misses and it’s not even 10 o’clock. Better find something BLUE to trip over before I go home.

Maybe I’ll stick to the boring route tomorrow

Sorry for the rant 🙂

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Hatfield Classics

Posted by Richard on Sat 15 May 2010

Came across these guys down town. Nice collection of older wheels

More Here

Hatfield Classics

And this was what they were advertising

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Sunsets wanted

Posted by Richard on Fri 14 May 2010

I was trying to take some sunsets shots yesterday but the car park in St Albans is surrounded by low buildings. If anyone holds a meet in a more open space let me know and I’ll come and get some pictures

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PTM Show

Posted by Richard on Sun 09 May 2010

The weather didn’t look to promising on Sunday. But I went on the bike anyway having been to Santa Pod so many times before I left the SatNav behind big mistake the A6 was closed for resurfacing just the other side of Bedford & the sign posted diversion came out god knows where. I spent 2 hours driving round in circles trying to find another way in.

Fortunately by the time I got there the weather had brightened up still a bit windy

I was taking pictures for Totally Modified Magazine .

Also can’t forget my friends at UKSC

I’ll upload some more car pic’s when TM have sorted out the ones they are going to use

Few more here

PTM Show


UK Street Cars Web Site

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