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London Walk

Posted by Richard on Mon 29 March 2010

Yesterday I went up town with the guys from the F-Stops. We went on a London Walk quite interesting and very entertaining.

We Met at St Paul’s Underground Station

I got there early & took a few pictures while I was waiting I do like the vivid setting on the D300 it really brings out the colours

Then it was off with Dave and the rather big group for a work round the London of Shakespeare and Dickens

It was very interesting to know how to “read” a London street and why the buildings were built the way they were.

Dave pointed out some of the buildings that appeared in Dickens stories and some of the buildings that still exist from the Tudor period

I got a few details and reflections

Favourite picture of the day

Given the number of lunatic women I know its got to be this one

More here

FStops London Walk

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Fast Car Show

Posted by Richard on Mon 22 March 2010

I went to the fast car show on Sunday. It was very busy in fact the busiest I ever seen Santa Pod.

Ran into a couple of old mates

and men behaving badly

Some new faces

There were some cars of course

UKSC had a huge stand lots of tasty motor’s

Chantel being serious

Click on the pictures below for more

Fast Show
UKSC Fast Show

UK Street Cars Web Site

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UKSC London meet

Posted by Richard on Thu 11 March 2010

A couple of months ago if I been in a car park talking to some mates and 4 police cars turned up I would have freaked out now it seems like a normal event. I didn’t even bother take any pictures of them. I did like the speech “you are not doing anything wrong and its okay for you to be here” not living in a police state yet then.

Anyhow once they left I got some pictures and caught up with some old mates. Can’t wait for the show season to start




More pictures here

UKSC London Meet

UK Street Cars Web Site

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Jinx broken (I hope)

Posted by Richard on Fri 05 March 2010

The last 3 shoots I’ve organised have been complete disasters Jana Lee fell off her horse and we had to get a stand in. Amiee got snowed in and had to cancel. Yesterday poor Sam had a argument with a cup of green tea and ended up in A&E ( hope you are better soon Sam )

Today’s shoot with Hayley went without a hitch so hopefully the jinx is broken. I was thinking I’d have to change my name to “dangerous” 

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