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Sally Anne Bowman 11/09/1987 – 25/09/2005

Posted by Richard on Thu 07 February 2008


In April 2005 I went to the alternative fashion show in London. It was a chance to do something I’d never done before a catwalk fashion shoot. After the show I took some photo’s of the models.

Over the Christmas the same year I was showing my yearbook to some friends and they told me this picture looked like the girl who’d been murdered I didn’t believe them to be honest but I did some searching around and found it was true Sally Anne was stabbed outside her house in September.

At the time I was shocked she had the most beautiful eyes and looked like an angel I just couldn’t imagine anyone doing her harm.

It was a very depressing start to 2006 and I’ve stopped doing yearbooks just couldn’t bring myself to another one.

On Tuesday the BBC website had details of the trial of a “man” accused of her murder. You can see the details here 

I was too choked up to type this on Tuesday whatever they do to him it will not be enough.

I can’t imagine what her family and friends are going thru my heart goes out to them and I hope they find some way of coming to terms with what happened.

I only met Sally Anne for 5 minutes she was happy being the centre of attention and having her photo taken that’s the way I will remember her.


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