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Lush Models Shoot

Posted by Richard on Tue 28 August 2012

Thanks to Paul for the invite to his latest studio shoot. Had a great time at Coco Studio in Beeston. Lots of sets to choose from upstairs and nice big area downstairs shame it’s not a bit closer

coco studio

More Here


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Epping Forest Shoot

Posted by Richard on Sat 25 August 2012

Meet up with LSS for their Epping Forest (Bohemian Fashion) shoot great location and very small car park so hardly anybody else there all day. Definitely be using it again if anybody from Essex wants an outdoor shoot let me know just remember to bring gallons of insect repellent.





Favourite picture of the day

More Here

LSS Meetup No. 21: Epping Forest (Bohemian Fashion)

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UKStreetcars Charity Car Wash

Posted by Richard on Sat 21 July 2012

Big thanks to the promo girls for all their hard work. Cold and wet and still managing a smile

Bethany, Anna, Carla and Amy




UKSC Car Wash

Click on this picture for more

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UKSC Model Shoot

Posted by Richard on Sun 10 April 2011

Had a great day with the UKSC promo girls.

Swainny Lynsey
Katie Katy
Sophie Micah

Thanks to Kate & Mickey for organising the girls. Emma for the make up and Maddy for the use of the bike

More pictures here

UKSC April Studio Shoot

UK Street Cars Web Site

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Web Site updated

Posted by Richard on Fri 18 March 2011

I’ve updated my alternative website it’s definitely NSFW so if you at work best wait till you get home.

In Location are some pictures from a trip to Portugal  with the F8 Club

Models were

Ashlea (again) Charlie
Kirsty Shay


Click on the picture to go to the web site


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Lighting workshops

Posted by Richard on Sat 11 December 2010

I went on 2 workshops this week

The first one was with Adam Duckworth quite interesting stuff. Was about producing a little more dramatic lighting without lots of equipment. Need to get some grids & gels for my flashguns and I’ll be good to go Oh and a couple of assistants to carry it all

Main light SB800 with a shoot thru .brolly, hair light another SB800 with a grid. With a blue gel on a 3rd SB800 to light the background Same setup using Elinchrom Quadra’s
Ashli Rossett Katie Green

Second Workshop was with Jon Gray

Lots of different setups and another interesting day. Model Tina Kay

More pictures here

Adam Duckworth Workshop
Jon Gray Xmas Workshop

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Shoot with Michelle

Posted by Richard on Sun 05 December 2010

Had a great shoot with Michelle

Michelle told me there is some dipstick reporting any pictures of her on Facebook so I only tagged the face shots but someone else tagged the rest and 2 hours later 5 got deleted. They are still available in the album below and don’t worry they are completely safe just goes to prove how bad the facebook are at policing their TOC’s


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Cheesy Xmas shoot results

Posted by Richard on Mon 22 November 2010

Thanks to Lexi and Michelle for your hard work


Problem with organising a shoot at the camera club is I don’t get a chance to take any pictures so only a few more here


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Posted by Richard on Sat 02 October 2010

It was my 50th birthday this week so I decided to do something special and go away with the F8 Glamour club on their annual holiday trip to Portugal. Click on the picture to see the 3D Album

portugal blog

Special thanks to the girls for making it such a great week



More pictures here

Portugal 2010

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Jap Show at Santa Pod

Posted by Richard on Sun 04 July 2010

More Here

Jap Show 2010

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