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Peter Gabriel at Hyde Park

Posted by Richard on Mon 09 July 2007

We drove done to Hyde Park in this

With just enough room for the whole crew


Couple of bottles to past the time and we are there


Listen to the music


Take some snaps

Sunshine & Showers


Then the main event


Everyone when home happy


Well maybe not the cleaners

And still time to fill up the memory card before we got home

More pictures here

Peter Gabriel

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June where did it go

Posted by Richard on Mon 02 July 2007

Haven’t updated for a while as I’ve been really busy. June started with the now annual glamour shoot in France this year with Sophie Smith and Kelly-Marie. The weather wasn’t brilliant but I got a few good pictures. Problem is I haven’t had a chance to doing anything with them yet. Back from France it was Aunty Pam’s wedding anniversary so lots of family pic’s. They’ve got computers so just copied the files I’ll let them do their own processing they know how pretty they want to look 🙂

Then I had a free week should have done the pictures from France but they are so many I couldn’t face it.

Rock in the Park came next. It was a bit quite this year. Can’t put my finger on why. The pictures were okay but  nobody looked like they were really enjoying themselves maybe it was the weather

Next I had a week in Reading training for work. I managed to slot in a shoot with Katie Green at Paul’s Studio got some fantastic pictures. Katie is one of the best models I’ve worked with in a long time

Saturday 23rd Went down to Hyde Park in a 10 seater limo with some mates for the Peter Gabriel Concert weather was *hit Got one good shot of Peter and tested the weather proofing of the S5 Also got to test out a wide angle zoom (Sigma 10 – 20mm) Got some interesting pictures of and in the limo and some drunks playing with neon glow sticks

Next came Stevenage Arts Festival

Rock in the Craig was really good but hardly anyone turned up But it was the 1st year they have done it so maybe it will get better.

I was shooting at the Gordon Craig all last week I think the highlight was the Stevenage Schools concert not so much take the mick out the teachers this year and the performance was almost professional quality.

I’ll see if I can add some pictures over the next couple of weeks. Watch this Space

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