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Sexpesting End of Season Party

Posted by Richard on Wed 29 October 2008

Great party remind me to take some waterproofs for the next one !

  There’s a few more on face book you might have to logon to see them Richard Halfday's Facebook Profile




I’m in the middle of a new website so there maybe more later


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Error message in Picasa Web albums

Posted by Richard on Wed 22 October 2008

If you click on some of the links to some of the pictures you may see this error message.

This content has been removed because it violates our Terms of Service.
Click here to continue.

I have tried emailing picasa support and posting messages on the Picasa help google group but after a month of waiting I’m still getting the error and no reply to any messages. Looking at the help group it would appear Picasa support no longer exists 

I have created an alternative location but I don’t want to have to edit all my old posts but if there is an album you really want to look at put a comment in the page and I’ll upload and re-link it.

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Who see’s what

Posted by Richard on Mon 06 October 2008

Yet another great WTD series

Got to love those baby photo’s


Photoshop when you need to be economical with the truth


And this one brings back memories Mediterranean beach 7am Doh !!!


Without the lens cap !!!!

amieespain (16)

More What the Duck

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Portrait Lighting Workshop with Jon Gray

Posted by Richard on Wed 01 October 2008

It was my birthday yesterday so I treated myself to a lighting workshop at Calumet in London

The day started with a review of some of Jon’s work and discussion of the lighting techniques used.

Then we had a go at setting up a plain white background

DSCF0586 DSCF0591 DSCF0598

I think I already knew this but I’ve never spent enough time getting it right So I’ll spend ages in  photoshop putting it right these pictures are straight out the camera. It saves so much time getting it right first time’

After lunch we had a go at a black background.  

 DSCF0603DSCF0643 DSCF0644

I’ve never got a black like this before so this was really useful.

DSCF0648 DSCF0650

I’ve made a mistake with the last 2 want to get as much contrast so I switched the DR on the Fuji to std which has caused the highlight to burn out. Serves as a good reminder why I bought the camera !!!

I got a lot of useful tips and ideas from the day just need to get some time in a studio to practise

Special thanks to Jon & Jade

Visit Jon’s website

Visit Jade’s website

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