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Man Flu

Posted by Richard on Thu 18 December 2008


the drugs are wearing off spent the whole night coughing & sneezing temperature going up & down like a yoyo finally got up at 2 for some lunch spent the rest of the day curled up on the sofa with a blanket  ran out of cough mixture and paracetamol so started on the junior aspirin as all I could find in the house.


Still feel like death warmed up. Paul rang from New York says he’s got a cold guess he must have txt’ed it to me 🙂 Went shopping to fill up the medicine cabinet.  I’ve been watching the snooker on the TV must be sicker then I thought.


Totally knackered this morning couldn’t even keep my eyes open  My ribs are hurting from coughing so much so don’t try to make me laugh. Got up a 3:30 watched snooker and the worst episode of thunderbirds ever


Mananged to get up before midday (by 5 mins) and didn’t feel the need to watch snooker. Tried to sort out some recent shoots but couldn’t concentrate so back to bed. Went to the SPS Xmas meal in the evening god knows what I looked like haven’t had a shave for a week.


Back to work today still got a bit of a cough I’m hoping the air con at work will dry it out. Everyone at work seems to have the same thing hope I don’t get it again


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