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Google Chrome

Posted by Richard on Wed 10 September 2008

For a laugh I tried Google chrome last night.

The install is pretty painless only picked up my IE shortcuts (I’m using Avant browser) so had to add in my bookmarks.

What’s good

Faster then IE 
Clean interface
New tab shows most visited so quick to start up your daily websites

What’s not so good

Designed for right handed people all the controls are on the wrong side of the screen
Doesn’t work with my website although works better then firefox or netscape
No Google toolbar !!!! so no splel chcekiung (Sorry)
No  Zoom controls
No import/export bookmarks from file

What’s Bad

Doesn’t work with any of the portals at work (not sure that is a bad thing) presents itself as APPLEMAC-SAFARI5.0 doh!
Crashed on my igoogle page
I assume it has pop up stopper and phishing filters but can’t see where they are configured


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