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Hahnel HN-D300 Review

Posted by Richard on Wed 26 August 2009


Before I bought this I was hunting around for a review but I couldn’t  find one so I thought I’d write one for anyone else interested in this battery grip

First the disappointment the information on Hahnel’s website is completely misleading it has a picture of the battery grip having 2 batteries in a tray and through out the PDF file it talks about 1 or 2 Li-Ion batteries. This is wrong only one battery fits in the grip the other stays in the camera in the same way as the Nikon grip. The reason I went for this grip is I don’t want to keep breaking the camera in half to change batteries. It’s is half the price of Nikon grip so I’ll probably keep it anyway.

On to the review. I’m comparing this grip with the MB-D200 on the S5 as I don’t have a MB-D10 I’ll update it if I find someone who’s got one and lets me use it

Build & Design

It feels more solid then the MB-D200 and I like the way its sculptured for the fingers and thumb Although it is all plastic you can still get a good firm hold of the camera .

The battery tray latch and the tripod screw are metal so should be no problems with them wearing out or breaking. The base has a rubber coating which should stop it slipping around.

The on/off switch locks out the controls on the grip unfortunately it is at the top end of the grip and is likely to get full of water when it’s raining. Might need to get some tape to fit over this.

The joystick is actually very good and I like the textured stick should make it easier to use with gloves.

The manual

Is okay everything you need to know is covered by pictograms The battery charger is not mentioned anywhere in the manual


The grip comes with a Infra Red remote which I haven’t tried yet and a car charger the manual doesn’t mention the charger so I’ve no idea how to use it. Would be nice to know if the grip should it be disconnected from the camera or in fact do I need the to have the battery tray in the grip to charge the battery ?


The grip is solid and fits to the camera very well there is also no play in the locking wheel like there was on the MB-D200.

All the controls work as expected although the control wheels seem a little stiff I’m sure they will loosen up with use.

The IR remote may be useful to some people. I think a mains charger would be more useful then a car charger apart from the fact I normally use the bike in the summer I can’t imaging leaving the camera lying around in the car while the battery is charging.

Since the D300/D700 are weather proofed my main concern is the weather proofing of the grip I don’t think there is any and the placement of the on/off switch looks to be in the worst place for letting rain in.


The Hahnel grip is nearly half the price of the Nikon grip and does the same job unless you are regularly out in wet weather I would recommend it.

Update 3rd Sept

I can’t get used to this idea of “breaking” into the camera when the battery needs charging so I was going to keep the spare battery in my camera bag. Its a bit fiddly to get the battery out of is plastic cover in a hurry so I emailed Hahnel to ask if they sold a spare tray. I was a bit surprised when they said they would put a few in the post. And completely gob smacked when one actually turned up this afternoon. So its still 6/10 for documentation ( pdf file on the website still shows 2 batteries in the tray ) But 10/10 for customer service.


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Website update

Posted by Richard on Sat 22 August 2009

I’ve updated my alternative website it’s definitely NSFW so if you at work best wait till you get home.

In the Studio section is a shoot with Ashlea ( you probably going to see a lot of her as I’ve got another 2 shoots planned )


In Location are some pictures from a Jon Gray Workshop at the Foundry

Models were

Ashlea (again) Charlie Poppy
Ashlea Charlie  Poppy

In the Car & Bike shows pictures from Ultimate Street Car which you may have seen already there are few extra ones of the Fuel Girls with their strategically placed electrical tape

Furious Angels Fuel Girls
Furious Angels Fuel Girls

In Club shoots the latest from the F8 club

Roxanna Tindra
Roxanna Tindra


Click on the picture to go to the web site


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SPS BBQ and D300’s 1st outing

Posted by Richard on Tue 18 August 2009

I got a new camera ( well 2nd hand ) on Monday it’s a Nikon D300.

Not sure its getting the white balance right on AWB this look okay but I’m not sure the colours are right

The colour shift in this one’s caused by a file corruption I need to get some faster memory cards 😦

1600 ISO is great and the flash gun still works 🙂

AWB in doors is rubbish but set the camera to tungsten you can adjust it’s not all bad

Now just need to find some decent models to point it at Reeoooww

More Here

SPS BBQ 2009

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What sort of photographer are you ?

Posted by Richard on Thu 06 August 2009


Another great WTD check out the web page

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Ultimate Street Car Show 2009

Posted by Richard on Sat 01 August 2009

I went to USC at Santa pod on Saturday no pictures of cars so must of been a good show 🙂 Took my notebook but no pen one day I’ll get my act together and make a note of who’s who

These guys were in the bar and wanted their picture taken so if you know who they are let them know

These guys I do know Emma, Tasha & Kitty
Favourite picture of the show got to be this one and yes it is the right way up. 

More Here

USC 09

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