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Is this you ?

Posted by Richard on Fri 11 January 2008

Looks like me it’s a little scary I need to have a look at the photo’s to see if I had a good time or not 🙂

What’s worse I now won’t go to places they don’t allow photography can’t have a good time without the camera

Are you the same ?  



More What The Duck


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Happy New Year

Posted by Richard on Fri 04 January 2008

My new year’s resolution is to update my blog more often. Not sure how long it’s going to last. Surprised
Went down to my sisters for Christmas to much driving really foggy on the M25 and a pile up on the M5 took over 6 hours to do 200 miles. Xmas day went as usual lots of presents for the kids and too much to eat. I hacked into her wireless network to read my email how sad was that !!!.
It’s strange how you take technology for granted when you are using it everyday.  I “recovered” 350 photo’s from brother in law’s media card that had got deleted they went back to 2003 350 pictures in 4 years !! Also sorted out the volume control on their TV.
Boxing day we went for a walk on the Mendips
DSCF5596 DSCF5596-1 DSCF5596-2 DSCF5596-3
Yeah I know its the same shot but I like the effects
New Year’s Eve
I went to C & A’s for quiz and fireworks. 
New Year’s Day
Up to London for the parade lot bigger the last year.  I wonder if it’s cheaper to come to the UK this time of year the place was full of foreign voices loads of Russian and Spanish. Haven’t had a look at those pictures yet I had to come into work. Disappointed
Happy New year to all my readers and I hope you have a good 2008

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