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Streetfighter Sunday with Ace Cafe

Posted by Richard on Sun 25 July 2010

Street Fighter Sunday out grew the Ace so it got moved to Wembley. It was a little on the small side but it’s a great location hopefully it will get bigger next year

More pictures here

Streetfighter Sunday

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A Blue day

Posted by Richard on Thu 20 May 2010

As a change is as good as a rest I decided to go the other way to work this morning. Rather then the boring dual carriageways I went round the town.

First roundabout I got to some dozy woman driving a BLUE magane on autopilot failed to stop. She gave me that condescending wave with a smile you get from idiot drivers sort of yeah I know should of stopped but I didn’t but hey you did so it’s okay. Do you think I’m dressed like a christmas tree for the sake of my health (pun intended)

I drove of fuming with that wartime saying ringing in me head Keep Calm & Carry On.

So when I got to the roundabout on the dual carriageway I was almost chilled out. Then some a**ehole in a BLUE transit decided he’s bigger then I am and doesn’t need to stop. This time I had to lean it over and grab the throttle to get round him.

2 near misses and it’s not even 10 o’clock. Better find something BLUE to trip over before I go home.

Maybe I’ll stick to the boring route tomorrow

Sorry for the rant 🙂

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Ace Cafe Motorcycle & Custom Show

Posted by Richard on Fri 26 February 2010

I was busy this weekend so I went to the show on the Friday and wasn’t completely dead but very quiet.
So I spent most of the time chatting with Candice who has been in the gym and looks super fit.

There were some bikes the as well can’t image most of them on the road but they look pretty

This is interesting an electric race bike

Not sure why I like this one but I actually waited for the man on the left to come into shot

Some crazy shunt riders

Then there was the Burlesque Babes

All in all a good day out and I got a Hi-Viz vest from the DVLA which might just save me from the blind fools in tesco’s carpark

More Here

Ace Cafe Motorcycle & Custom Show

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Extreme Performance Bike Weekend

Posted by Richard on Mon 12 October 2009

It was persisting down when I got on Sunday. So I went over to Santa Pod in the car the weather forecast was to brighten up. Lucky once I got the other side of Hitchin the roads were drying out nicely and I wish I’d taken the bike :).

They were still drying the track by the time I got to Santa Pod every time they finished there were a few more spots of rain so they had to do it again.

I went and took some pictures of Stunt Riders definitely a case of don’t try this at home kids

Then the racing started so I went down to get some shots of the people riders queuing

round the corner for a bit of warming the tyres

Then on with the racing


Favourite picture of the day.  Shows there is a class of motor sport I could compete in 🙂

Click on the link below for more

Extreme Performance Bike Weekend

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National Finals 2009

Posted by Richard on Sun 27 September 2009

It was a nice day on Sunday so I went over to Santa Pod for the National Finals. Wish I could have gone on the bike but it needs a new exhaust & MOT so its off the road at the moment.

I got into to the pod at 10:30 before I could get the camera out someone in a Ford Pop rolled down the track. I thought this is going to be an interesting day. The guy got out the car okay so while they were cleaning up the track I took a wander round the pits.

Then the racing started

Then is stopped again when someone sprayed oil down the track. This time I went to the queuing area.

Then it was back to the racing again

Favourite picture of the day

More pictures here

National Finals 2009

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Hello Mate

Posted by Richard on Fri 24 July 2009

When ever I go out in my motorcycle gear I seem to become everyone’s mate. From the guys & girls on the supermarket checkouts to the security guards at work even a policeman in the town centre last week.

Does riding a motorbike suddenly make you everyone’s friend. Are bikers more trustworthy and so everyone is happy to see us.

I don’t mind I suppose it’s better then being ignored just like to know why it’s suddenly cool to be a biker

See you around Mates 🙂

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