photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure – Tony Benn

Space offline

Posted by Richard on Thu 10 July 2008

My "spaces" has been offline for a couple of days ( did anyone notice ? ) I was getting the a temporary unavailable message which I assumed was the standard Microsoft reliability issue but after a couple of days and seeing that other people’s spaces seemed to work I checked my email. There’s a message from customer support "We have found images involving partial nudity on your Space" "please visit our Code of Conduct "   So I had a look, the COC seemed to have changed since the last time a looked and WTF is "partial nudity" since I don;t have any pictures of astronauts or deep sea divers I guess that’s almost every picture I’ve posted.   Fortunately after emailing them asking to enable my space so I could delete the pictures they sent me a link to the offensive pic’s both of which were of the wet T-shirt variety I could give you a link but that would also break the COC so you will just have to google for them.  


Good to be back  




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