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Unlimited Styling Birthday Cruise

Posted by Richard on Sat 23 January 2010

I went down to Brighton with Totally Modified Magazine. Got some great pictures

You can get a copy of the totally magazine here ( Turn down your sound card if you are in the office )
The current issue has pictures from the Children in Need Cruise. These pictures will be in the next issue

More here

Unlimited Styling Birthday Cruise

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Autosport Show

Posted by Richard on Sun 17 January 2010

I’ve never been to the Autosport show before ironically because the weather is usually rubbish at this time of year. This year it snowed during the week so the shoot I was meant to be on at the weeked was cancelled. But the weather got better on Sunday and I was at a loose end.

I thought the show itself  was a bit boring and far too expensive so probably won’t be going again. Here’s a couple of car pic’s

And some of the promo girls

More pictures here

Autosport 2010

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New Years Day Parade 2010

Posted by Richard on Fri 01 January 2010

Can’t believe I haven’t updated this for so long.

It was quite a cold day The costumes seem a bit more colourful then last year

And all the usual suspects turned up

Some people were just showing off Others were trying to be serious God will show you the way
Everyone was having fun


More here

New Years Day Parade 2010

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