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Trip to Warsaw

Posted by Richard on Sun 31 August 2008


I went to Poland for my brothers wedding click on a picture for more


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Ultimate Street Car and Autotuner Shows

Posted by Richard on Sun 10 August 2008

I went to Ultimate Street Car last week and Autotuner today. Every show I’ve been to this year has been windy so here’s some windy pictures

And some more not so windy

Click on the link for more

USC and Autotuner

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Hello world!

Posted by Richard on Fri 08 August 2008

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

I’ve been using Microsoft Lives spaces for my blog since it came out 4 years ago unfortunately they seem to have decided to dumb down the service and censor any posting not suitable for a 13 year. The hypocrisy of running a service funded by adverts that are targeted at the 18+ age group seems to have escaped them.  I just hope none of their 13 year old users gets caught on a gambling website (illegal here in the UK).

Anyway I’m still hoping they will put it back online long enough for me to copy the content otherwise I’ll have to cut and paste it out of Facebook who also seemed to have stored the text if not the pictures



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Picture in the Comet

Posted by Richard on Tue 05 August 2008

One of my pictures from Rhythms of the World is in this weeks Comet and on their web site.

Maybe I should ask for some money 🙂

From Donellie

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Hitchin Funday

Posted by Richard on Sat 02 August 2008

I went over to Hitchin today they had a Funday organised by the Churches of Hitchin. If you know anyone that wants any of these pictures get them to drop me a mail

105_9442  105_9492 105_9478 105_9410

Group YMCA


Cheesy Whotsit competition click on the picture for more

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