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UKSC Model Shoot

Posted by Richard on Sun 10 April 2011

Had a great day with the UKSC promo girls.

Swainny Lynsey
Katie Katy
Sophie Micah

Thanks to Kate & Mickey for organising the girls. Emma for the make up and Maddy for the use of the bike

More pictures here

UKSC April Studio Shoot

UK Street Cars Web Site


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Lighting workshops

Posted by Richard on Sat 11 December 2010

I went on 2 workshops this week

The first one was with Adam Duckworth quite interesting stuff. Was about producing a little more dramatic lighting without lots of equipment. Need to get some grids & gels for my flashguns and I’ll be good to go Oh and a couple of assistants to carry it all

Main light SB800 with a shoot thru .brolly, hair light another SB800 with a grid. With a blue gel on a 3rd SB800 to light the background Same setup using Elinchrom Quadra’s
Ashli Rossett Katie Green

Second Workshop was with Jon Gray

Lots of different setups and another interesting day. Model Tina Kay

More pictures here

Adam Duckworth Workshop
Jon Gray Xmas Workshop

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Shoot with Michelle

Posted by Richard on Sun 05 December 2010

Had a great shoot with Michelle

Michelle told me there is some dipstick reporting any pictures of her on Facebook so I only tagged the face shots but someone else tagged the rest and 2 hours later 5 got deleted. They are still available in the album below and don’t worry they are completely safe just goes to prove how bad the facebook are at policing their TOC’s


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Cheesy Xmas Shoot

Posted by Richard on Wed 03 November 2010

I’m organising a studio night with a Christmas theme for my local camera club

22 November 8pm till 10pm in Stevenage

It’s a paid shoot but will need to be friends rates as the club treasurer is Mr Scrooge

If you are interested send me a message or drop me a mail

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UKSC “Dyno” Day

Posted by Richard on Sat 10 April 2010

Went up to in the afternoon to the Dyno day. Everyone was sitting around looking bored when I got there I thought I missed all the action but the machine had blown a capacitor so hadn’t missed anything.

I’m sure I took more cars but this is the only one in the album I will check the hard disk tonight and see if I missed them.

I took loads of pictures of Swainny as usual must be doing something right she keeps coming back for more

Haven’t worked with Lynsey before she’s very professional and easy to work with.

and Pauline who hasn’t done any modelling before and was a little shy.


I had a great time the next Dyno day is the 1st May hopefully more more for the boys to do then stand around watching me work 🙂

More here

UKSC Dyno Day

UK Street Cars Web Site

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Fast Car Show

Posted by Richard on Mon 22 March 2010

I went to the fast car show on Sunday. It was very busy in fact the busiest I ever seen Santa Pod.

Ran into a couple of old mates

and men behaving badly

Some new faces

There were some cars of course

UKSC had a huge stand lots of tasty motor’s

Chantel being serious

Click on the pictures below for more

Fast Show
UKSC Fast Show

UK Street Cars Web Site

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Studio 3 February Shoot

Posted by Richard on Thu 18 February 2010

I thought we would have another snow shoot but it turn to heavy rain which made the trip down to Potters Bar a little slower then normal still it was worth it lots of new ideas a Jocelyne  was excellent as usual

2 side lights with grids and a red gel in front of a spot light for the backdrop

One light with a grid hanging from the ceiling and main light from the side with a beauty dish.

Same set but using electric bar heater for light. We know how to look after our models 🙂

Two lights from the front and one overhead

Thanks for Rod & Jason for the lighting and set building and Jocelyne for producing 3 very different looks in one night

Few more here

Studio3 Shoot

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Autosport Show

Posted by Richard on Sun 17 January 2010

I’ve never been to the Autosport show before ironically because the weather is usually rubbish at this time of year. This year it snowed during the week so the shoot I was meant to be on at the weeked was cancelled. But the weather got better on Sunday and I was at a loose end.

I thought the show itself  was a bit boring and far too expensive so probably won’t be going again. Here’s a couple of car pic’s

And some of the promo girls

More pictures here

Autosport 2010

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Studio 3 December shoot

Posted by Richard on Fri 18 December 2009

You don’t have be mad to model insanity helps :) 

More here

Studio 3 December

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Camera Armor

Posted by Richard on Fri 12 June 2009

One of the re-occurring problems I’ve had with my camera is the rubber coating coming unstuck.

I had a look at Camera Armor at this years Focus but it’s £40- £50 so a tube of superglue was a bit cheaper.

Jessops seem to have a bit of a sale on at the moment so for less then a tenner delivered thought I’ll give is a go.

This one fits the Fuji S5 or Nikon D200 tell ’em Richard  sent you 🙂 or use the promo code JESSOPS5

I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

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