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Fast Car Show

Posted by Richard on Mon 22 March 2010

I went to the fast car show on Sunday. It was very busy in fact the busiest I ever seen Santa Pod.

Ran into a couple of old mates

and men behaving badly

Some new faces

There were some cars of course

UKSC had a huge stand lots of tasty motor’s

Chantel being serious

Click on the pictures below for more

Fast Show
UKSC Fast Show

UK Street Cars Web Site


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Extreme Performance Bike Weekend

Posted by Richard on Mon 12 October 2009

It was persisting down when I got on Sunday. So I went over to Santa Pod in the car the weather forecast was to brighten up. Lucky once I got the other side of Hitchin the roads were drying out nicely and I wish I’d taken the bike :).

They were still drying the track by the time I got to Santa Pod every time they finished there were a few more spots of rain so they had to do it again.

I went and took some pictures of Stunt Riders definitely a case of don’t try this at home kids

Then the racing started so I went down to get some shots of the people riders queuing

round the corner for a bit of warming the tyres

Then on with the racing


Favourite picture of the day.  Shows there is a class of motor sport I could compete in 🙂

Click on the link below for more

Extreme Performance Bike Weekend

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The Fuzz & the Furious

Posted by Richard on Fri 18 September 2009

I went to Santa Pod on Thursday. They had an event to promote the latest Fast and Furious film being released on DVD. The idea behind the event was to try an persuade people to race on the track where its safer rather then the streets where its decidedly not safe.

Lt Tom Brown came over from the States where they have being running races between “the kids” and the “Cops” for a couple of years.

We saw a couple of videos promoting the scheme. Then interview for Radio 1 and on with the racing.


This is the “Fuzz from Texas with James the Organiser and being interviewed by Debbie from Radio1



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