photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure – Tony Benn

UKSC Xmas Cruise

Posted by Richard on Tue 08 December 2009

Don’t why maybe it’s ‘cos of the north in the name but I always thought Northampton was a lot further away then it is. Only took an hour to get there and that was with a petrol stop.

Anyway I got to the meeting point just after 6:30 only to be greeted with the surreal sight of the police in high their visibility vests being helped by 2 of UKSC’s finest in their Santa’s little helper outfits directing traffic to the alternative location. 

I didn’t get the camera out quick enough this is Amiee doing her bit

Northants police very kindly agreed to hang around to send any stragglers up to the new site so we left them to it  I followed Kate up the road to the new meeting point, The place was heaving by the time we got there.

Took a few car shots

I think Martyn almost died of shock when I started taking pictures of his car instead of his better half 🙂

Then it was down to business

Big thanks to Kate & Mickey for organising everything and the girls for freezing for my art 🙂

More pictures here

UKSC Xmas Cruise


Favourite picture of the day ( Gives an impression of how hectic it was)


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