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RAF Bentley Priory

Posted by Richard on Mon 14 September 2009

Bentley Priory was the headquarters of RAF Fighter Command during WWII. The RAF recently moved out and there are plans to turn it into a museum

They had an open day over the weekend I went along on Sunday to take some pictures.

Spitfire Guards the entrance

Pilots wait to “scramble”

Simulated air raid

Re-enactor as Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding in his office

Home Guard display

Was all the pain and suffering worth it  …… stupid question

The Bentley Priory Battle of Britain Trust website

More pictures on the link below

Bentley Priory

5 Responses to “RAF Bentley Priory”

  1. Richard
    I am one of the organisers of the BP Open House Event on behalf of
    the Battle of Britain Trust.Glad you liked the event and thank you
    for the publicity via your photographs.

    Kind regards John Williams, chairman Stanmore Society

    • I do not understand your responce

      • drawyahr said

        Hi John

        I guess you got an automatic response from WordPress. They don’t send a copy to me so I’m not sure what it says

        Thank you for you kind words


    • drawyahr said

      Hi John

      Thank you for organising the event. If you would like copies of any of the pictures please let me know.



      • Hi Richard
        I thought your pictures excellent and caught the
        atmosphere very well, I particularly liked the black
        & white of the Dowding rein actor.

        I would very much like a set, if you can e-mail them I can print some off and forward a set to the B of B Trust. I received a letter today from an RAF veteran that came last year to our first event and was very sad that he could not make this year owing to ill health. I would also send a set to him in consolation.

        We hold other events at BP are will try to let you know when they come up, we intend to do the September event again next year if BP is still in

        Thanks for your interest in BP and look forward to hearing from you

        Kind regards John

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