photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure – Tony Benn

Trax 2009 at Silverstone

Posted by Richard on Sun 06 September 2009

I went to Trax on Sunday with my good friends at UKSC. It was a bit weird driving in Silverstone surrounded by cars I followed the monster trucks ‘cos I wasn’t sure where I was going.

I did try to help with the marquee but I kept looking at my watch thinking I got up 3 hours early to put up a tent ?

But it was worth it got some great pictures of the UKSC models






UKSC Models


Tried out the ultra wide angle lens got some interesting shots of the monsters

And my bike

Then it was off to take a wander round the rest of the show


I went out on pit lane with Colin from Model Antics

This is Colin is on the right and yes he’s doing what every book on glamour photography book tells you not to do 🙂

I tried out the D300 on continuous shooting on the sprint track. Still haven’t got the hang of the focus options. Need to practise panning at 5 FPS couldn’t  do that with the S5

Spent ages trying to get this shot with no one around the car in the end I gave up


Favourite picture of the day I think I like the sultry look in this one

More pictures below

Trax Cars
Trax Models

And if you are into modified cars click here


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