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Nikon SB900 first outting

Posted by Richard on Tue 24 March 2009

I used the SB900 for the 1st time in anger on Sunday.

This how I used my old SB800 camera set to manual f5.6 adjust the shutter/iso get the correct exposure for the background flash set to TTL BL FP. -.7 compensation. This worked about 80% of the time but caused a couple of problems if the background changed ie going from mostly sky to no sky getting the right exposure is a bit hit or miss. Also getting to close to the subject caused the flash to overexpose. The other problem with the SB800 was the cycle time I tend to shot quicker then the flash charges (my bad) so often got under exposed pictures

So what did I the SB900 do

I left the camera in aperture priority with the flash set the same as before to say I was amazed with the results would be an understatement not only did the camera get the exposure right but it cycles fast enough to keep up with my itchy trigger finger 🙂 I didn’t get a single shot where the flash didn’t fire. Also getting close didn’t cause overexposure

What else

Weight/Size I thought this would be a big issue as well but once the flash was on the camera I didn’t even notice the difference.

Controls Not sure why but on the 800 even after 2 years I was always pressing the wrong buttons. Don’t seem to have this problem (yet ?)

Temperature I’ve seen lots of people saying they have problems with the 900 overheating so I kept an eye on the thermometer but it never moved so I don’t appear to have that problem

Some pictures from Sunday

Click on the picture below for more

Fast Show 2009

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