photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure – Tony Benn

Trip to Focus on Imaging

Posted by Richard on Thu 26 February 2009

I went up to Focus on Sunday took a look at the new Fuji F200EXR feels its a bit longer then the F30 but thinner. Looks like it will be the P&S low light king but I’m a bit worried about the battery life and it only has 2 apertures wide open or closed down that means juggling shutter speed. & ISO to get to get the right exposure fighting with your camera is always a good way to miss pictures . I’ll wait to see what the competition does before splashing out

I need a new bag my current one seems to have worn from the inside decided on a Lowepro Fastpack fortunately none of the stores had it in the colour I wanted so I saved myself 30 quid buying it online when I got home so much for “show” prices.

I bought a SB900 Flashgun I think it’s vastly over priced but it has

A 18-200 zoom range which covers the lens I used most on the camera
It cycles faster on 4 batteries then the SB800 does on 5 which saves me a lot of messing about with the battery charger.
Because it’s a lot larger then the old flash it fits better in the bag (doesn’t rattle around) hope it fits the new bag 🙂

Some pictures from the show click on a picture for a few more


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