photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure – Tony Benn

Eric Clapton Concert

Posted by Richard on Sat 19 July 2008

I went to see Eric Clapton at Hype Park a couple of weeks ago SLR’s were not allowed so these pic’s were taken with a Fujifilm F30 with the digital zoom switched on This camera surprises me every time I use must use it more often

First the entertainment this is Michelle and her mate

100_1368  100_1369

Their antics were attracting all the weirdo’s (hrmm guess that includes me) the guy on the left of the 2nd picture is Matt he was so drunk we couldn’t work out what was keeping him up right. His mate Mr Gropey was an even bigger pain ‘cos he wasn’t so drunk. Anyway after the guys behind gave them a bit of a talking to they buggered off and we could enjoy the music

This is what I could see of Sheryl Crow and here she is on the big screen

100_1322 100_1305

This is Eric thru a gap in the crowd


And on the big screen

100_1379 100_1333

All in all a good day out and it was completed by seeing Matt & Mr Gropey asking the driver of a bus for Heathrow Airport if he was going to North London 🙂

More pictures here

Eric Clapton Concert

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